eBook My Food Diary for Kids


This food diary includes:

– 31 days diary to color in and fill out

– 31 Food Fun Facts

– 31 riddles of the day to raise awareness

– coloring book

– overview and table of points


Meet your child’s new 5 friends:

– Berry Strawberrison

– Melanzani di Aubergine

– Charlotta di Carrotti

– William of Pear

– Sibylle of Onionvalley

Let more fun move in at home and use the food diary to teach your child about healthy eating daily.

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Food diary for kids ebook


This includes the food diary:

– 31 days diary to color in and fill out

– 31 Food Fun Facts

– 31 puzzles of the day to raise awareness

strengthen healthy eating.

– coloring book

– Overview and table of points

Getting kids to eat green vegetables can be very challenging.

For this reason, we have developed a tool that will make it very easy to introduce healthy eating to your child.

Playfully integrate the book into your daily routine and inspire

your child to eat healthier and drink more water at the same time.

31 days full of fun, knowledge and motivation

The food diary for kids was developed to raise awareness about healthy eating in children.

Educationally valuable – children learn to assess themselves how they eat and drink every day and thus develop a relationship to food.

Motivate your child and work together towards a set goal of eating fruit and vegetables every day.

The book is the ideal tool to achieve this!